Automotive LED load resistors for indicators, stop/tail lights and sidelights.
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LED bulbs, indicators, sidelights, stop/tail lights

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Resistor wiring details

If you have fitted LED bulbs in place of normal filament type indicator bulbs or stop/tail lights, you may experience fast flashing of the indicators or blown bulb warnings on the dash.

To cure these problems you will need to fit load resistors across each LED bulb as shown below.

Resistor wiring diagram

The load resistor has to be connected to the two wires that go to the indicator or tail light bulb holder, one end to the postive (live) wire, the other to the negative (earth) wire. This makes the indicator relay or bulb check circuit see a normal load in the circuit and operate correctly

Please note that resistors can get hot during use, do not mount them on plastic.

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