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Openelec 'Jarvis' is the latest version of the XBMC/KODI media centre, specifically designed to run on the Raspberry Pi.

Our 16GB & 8GB class 10 SD cards come with Openelec KODI already installed on the card with all the main addon sources configured and accessible.

The Sandisk Ultra microSD card is supplied with a full size adaptor so is compatible with the Raspberry Pi models, A, B, B+ (B plus), Raspberry Pi 2 model B and Raspberry Pi 3 model B.

A selection of the most popular addons have been installed, such as BBC iplayer, itv player, Phoenix, sportsdevil and Navi-X.

bbc iplayeritv player

phoenix sportsdevil navix

Just insert the SD card into your Raspberry, power it up and enjoy access to live sports, the latest films and TV shows.

Extra addons can be installed by clicking on the 'get addons' option on the various menus, or by going to 'addons' in the settings menu under the 'system' option on the main screen.

If there are any specific addons that you want installed, please contact us and we can install them before despatching the card.

If your raspberry is connecting to your home broadband using wifi you will need to enter your wifi key on the connections page in the openelec settings menu.

The installed version of Openelec is set to automatically update, so on initial connection to the internet it may appear sluggish for a few minutes as it updates the installed addons.

Below are a couple of screen shots showing the KODI main screen and video addons screen.

KODI openelec screenshot

KODI openelec video addon screenshot